Freitag, 15. April 2011

1st week

So one week is over =)  That means we are one week closer of being togehter jiippiiee LOL. I talked to him a couple times but it was not enough.. the bad thing is i cant call him.. whenever i feel like gtting in contact with him Suck. That makes me kinda upset. Oh well no choice. I had some running around to do this past week and still didnt get everything done. I was supposse to get my shots but of course I couldnt get a hold of nobody in the clinic..Oh well =). They were supposse to fix our car since we had a lil accident like a week or two before he left but first the wrong window..then the right the the window got scratches...Oh well no window =) gotta wait another 2 weks to finally have it done. So Im in frankfurt now like 2 hours from our house Im here with my friends n with my more to tell but later...My BF had her B-Day today.. we went out to a greek restaurant in frankfurt a very nice good looking restaurant, the food was good but the bill lol wasnt that good anymore the only thing that I have to say for a restaurant they had a pretty slim menue maybe just like 15 dishes or 30 max. After that we went to a bar and drunk a cocktail of course with no alcohol =) I cant sleep cuz i been waiting for my baby´s call if he dont call IM pretty upset...thats why I said you should not wait for him to call or expect him to call at a certain time it gets you pretty upset..Oh well =) I dont give up my hopes I hope he will still call. I hope he like my Blog stuff Im doin right now still gotta do the background, Pics n music stuff hopefully its goin to be nice. So tomorrow its goin to be a cookout thats goin to be soo yummmy lol. So if I write in my block once a week until he´s back then hopefully you will see about 60 Post from me. I love u schatzi and remember I need u like u need me we are only strong togehter.